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Ha HA! Bussers rule!

So this has nothing really to do with food, but it does have to do with the restaurant buisness and all of its calamities.
I was at work yesterday in the AM, just doing what I do. Cooking, when I hear a CRASH! and a SMASH! off to my right. I know from the sound that two plates just met a horrible ending. Then again CRASH! ("oops!" I think to myself, "that's three!") then... CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CR-CR-CR-CRASH! CRASH!!!! I look over to the right and a HUGE pile of plates is sliding off of a storage table and smashing to the ground all around some poor bussers feet! The look on his horrified face was great! There was nothing he could do but wait for this tragedy to end. He tried to catch and stop some of them but to no avail. It was awesome! They ALL smashed around his feet and the whole kitchen stopped production and just stared at him for what seemed to him, I'm sure, an eternity. I laughed (on the inside, no need to draw the chef's rage my way) and then continued on with breakfast. What a bad day for that kid, huh?
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