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Wanna cook?

I do too.

Mad Kitchen Skillz
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Mad Kitchen Skillz!

Has anyone ever asked you what to cook after telling you what is in their refrigerator?

Have you ever asked someone what to do with something that you bought, thinking you knew how to cook it?

I believe we have the place for you!

  • For those of you that can't cook, and need advice.

  • To lazy, and have nothing in your house? Test out the resident chef. (that'll be me until further notice)

  • For those of us that have the munchies, ALL THE TIME.

  • For those of you that want to share your ecipes.

  • International cooking is good.

  • And anything else that tickles your fancy. for instance, cooking shows.

  • Oh, and experimenting is always good.

Sound like fun?

And remember, be cool with one another, this community is all about having FUN.

And if there are any questions, problems, or just wanna chit chat, please IM or contact the mod, doom_projeckt. :)